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June 22, 2015



MEP Group is a leading company in the rebar equipment manufacturing and in resistance
welding technology
Our Group is on the market since 1967 and since then we have achieved the necessary experience
and the specific know-how which enables us today to offer our customers skilled professionals and
an extremely efficient manufacturing process.









Founded in 1933 in Osaka, Japan, SanRex, a brand name of Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been
a pioneer in the industrial world as a manufacturer of Power Semiconductors and Power Supplies.With a focus
on power electronics SanRex products are employed in many industries. The SanRex philosophy is, “We always
strive to do our best to create innovative products for the market of a consistent high quality, and they must
always benefit our society.”

Authorized Letter

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AUTOPULIT, brand name of company “Maquinaria para el pulido automático, S.A.” was founded in 1961 in Manresa (Spain).   From the beginning, they have strived to offer solutions to the needs of customers, incorporating the latest technologies.

AUTOPULIT, is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic and CNC machines for polishing, abrasive belt grinding, deburring and micro finishing of metal parts. During the 55 years since the founding of the company, they have worked steadily to meet the needs of our customers by providing in each case our experience and all the innovations and technological improvements. Autopulit is the provider of world renowned customers in sectors such as AUTOMOTIVE, AEROSPACE, CONSTRUCTION, RAILWAYS, HOME APPLIANCES, among others. Our long exporting tradition has allowed us to install the different equipments in more than 50 countries. Quality, reliability, efficiency, technology and customer satisfaction are our goals.




System Integrator for various robot application






SOMMER offers a complete range containing numerous alternative technologies. All options are left open to ensure that every customer receives the most efficient system to suit specific needs.




Wowjoint & BWI Consulting , naming from a philosophic word jointed by Willing, Objectiveness and Winning, was created in 1996, and always focuses on innovation to specialize in solution, design, fabrication and service for bridge construction and railway work.



Customer Reference