• HK (HKE/HKD)


Superior model with sophisticated functions and environmental durability


  1. Power source for metal plating of small capacity.
  2. Selectable out put waveform mode


  1. Pulse mode operation with minimum 1 msec pulsation
  2. GOLDWAVE (Free wave form) mode
  3. High speed communication (RS-485)
  4. Current integration function
  5. Operation pattern memorizing
  • MRT

IGBT Inverter type power source for various plating


  1. Abundant Lineup.
  2. Applicable to various input voltage for worldwide.
  3. Function improvement by the digital technology.
  4. New Design. Easy setting by jog dial on remote control pendant.
  5. More durable against severe environment.
  6. Defect diagnosis by abnormality indication and alarm function.
  7. Optional function
  • MRT-PR


  • MRS



  1. Hight-quality and environment-proof
    Environment-proof quality has been improved due to introducing a first-rate insulation type thyristor, epoxy-sealed special transformer, and tightly closed up control circuit-one of its key components.
  2. Energy-saving type
    The MRS series incorporates a large-capacity low-loss multi diode (500A) to simplify the internal makeup, resulting in saving energy.
  3. Compact,light, and space-saving
    SanRex unique cooling system produces an extremely ligtht compact product. The front dimension is reduced, therefore requiring less floor area and thus saving space. A unit can be mounted on another unit of the same size (up to 5,000A).
  4. Complete protection functions
    – The rectifier is protected by either of its built-in circuits; a current-limiting circuit that function under constant voltage operation or a voltage-limiting circuit that functions under constant current operation.
    – The rectifier is protected against problems in the cooling system by a built-in abnor-mal temperature detector in case of a fan failure or the like.
    – The fan stops when the rectifier is not running.
  5. Efficient control functions
    – Function for soft start
    – Function for setting CV-CC changeover
    – Function for setting lower limit of current
    – Function for setting lower limit of voltage
    – Function for setting constant current density
    – Function for independently setting output voltage and output current (crossover control) optional.
  • MRS-PR


For electro decreasing chromium plating


  1. A highly reliable non-contact pole changing system
  2. The current can be freely and smoothly adjusted either to forward operation or backward operation
  3. Hight-quality and environment-proof
  4. Energy-saving type
  5. Compact, light, and space-saving
  6. Complete protection functions
  7. Efficient control functions


  • KTS

Power supply unit for noble metal pulse plating


  1. Digital output setting
    Precise settings of constant voltage and constant current as well as well as ON/OFF time peri-ods have been made avallable by digital setting.
  2. Operation mode
    Ready for DC and pules operation.
  3. Sealed and indirect cooling structure
    increased resistance to environment and endurance.
  4. Digital display function
    Digital display of output voltage and current values.
  • SMR


Rack mount type power supply for metal surface processing


  1. Output voltage 6V,
    Output current 300/600/750/1000/1200/1500A
  2. High accuracy
  3. Equipped with digital voltage and current display as standard
  4. Availability of control by external signals as standard
  5. Remote controller Pendant (Option)


  • Printed-wiring board plating
  • Semiconductor wafer surface treatment
  • Electronic parts electrode plating
  • Noble metal decorative plating
  • MR

High-speed PR (positive-reverse changeover) Power supply for the PCB plating


  1. This machine is unit unit type which enables easily to mount on the horizontal plating line.
  2. Equipped with dual output designed for simultaneous double-sided plating of PCB.
  3. Downsizing and weight reducing
  4. Centralized control with DeviceNet
  5. Lineup: There are two types; 150A and 250A